Philia Policy: Love of Country

by veritumsandus


With the inauguration of the State Polytheistic Shrine to Athena and All the Gods tonight at the Palaso d’Etato, Kremlum Sandus, the Sôgmô spoke on the importance of the creation of a national identity and a national culture. Indeed all of these issues are becoming more and more important to the State, to the Sovereign People, and to the Party because, in less than a year, the current status of the State may be rolled on its head and what will remain in this tossed ship of State will be the Sandum culture, our will, and the State we have created for ourselves.

This upcoming Winter is most likely the last in our current location. Before the departure of the common State and the citizens of the Kremlum Sandus province from the area, it has become necessary for the State and the Party to fulfil policies which are meant to create a sovereign state and people. Work must be done to advance the State before the departure from the area defined by the Central People’s Government as Kremlum Sandus. This upcoming Winter will help to advance national culture so that, in the future, Sandus shall become more liberal as well as more well-rounded. However, it will become necessary for the State to create a national culture for an increase social and cultural identity. The current state of culture in Sandus stands out amongst many other micronations; however, when real life is the judge, Sandus lacks.

In an article from a few weeks prior, the Sôgmô spoke on the necessity to follow the seven components of culture for the advancement of national culture. Today, under the guidance of the Citizens’ Party and its democratic platform, the Central People’s Government headed by the Office of the Sôgmô shall set forth specific guidance for the improvement and advancement based upon Libera and Realism for national culture. This advanced national culture shall provide the Sandum people with a cultural identity and common values. At the Party Congress in November, current Secretary and Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel shall present to the members of the Party assembled the oaths, basis, and purposes for Sandum citizens. This shall include an oath that all citizens must affirm in order to be viewed as Sandum citizens. This oath, based upon the Sandum precedent for understanding suffering and the causes of suffering, will be the basis of all Sandum citizens and Sandum culture. From it, all cultural expression by Sandum citizens shall be secondary to the understanding of suffering, the causes of suffering, the end of suffering, and the way of ending suffering. This understanding shall be the paramount maxim of Sandum culture, Sandum society, Sandum politics, and Sandum Socialist economy. All cultural expression in Sandus must be related to it in reason, in symbolism, and in practice.

With the hopeful introduction of this underlying view of Sandum citizens by this November, the State of Sandus shall transition from an imposed cultural entity to a liberal entity of the cultures of its citizens by the 2014 Spring Party Congress. With the hope of further cultural expression and advancement after that Party Congress, the State shall certainly advance in the period of creating a homogeneous State national culture.

May the State fulfil the expectations of Libera under the Philia Policy — Love for the Country!

Gaius Sörgel